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Why Families Need Tugs

Our products are designed to reduce the pain and the effect of tender heads associated with afro hair care and replace it with something easy to use, nourishing and affordable.

Tugs understands the need for family-friendly hair care and we’re committed to creating a washday routine that nourishes curls without the additional stress.

Our Mission

Tugs was developed with the families of natural hair in mind. We believe that looking after natural hair should be a positive and powerful experience for everyone.

When your curls cause you pain, it can be challenging to love them, but Tugs can help you rethink how you care for and view your natural hair.

We aim to change your child's hair care from a painful experience, into a bonding one.

Our Vision

Celebrating families of natural hair is at the center of all we do.

We want to give you, as parents, the self-assurance you need to take good care of your kids and your own hair.

Tugs values positivity, knowledge, and bonding. A good hair day is more than just having a perfect fro; it's about feeling secure and at ease with your own hair!

Natural hair is beautiful. We'll support you in discovering the power within your own curls so you can pass it on to your children.

Our family of curls & coils from @tugsloves

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